About Us

How We Got Here

Mirza Traders sole proprietor was established in 2008. We are based in Rawalpindi in the province of Punjab, Pakistan. Since 2009 Mirza traders is the sole importer and distributor of Aquatabs and other related products manufactured by Medentech based in Ireland.

Mirza traders have supplied aquatab products to UNICEF, IFRC, US Aid, Save The Children, Islamic Relief, Muslim Aid, NRSP, Pakistan Army, DACAAR and many other NGO’s.

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Mirza traders have extensive network of sub distributors across Pakistan. Furthermore Mirza traders offer our products for free during an emergency crisis. 

National Tax Number: 3375278-8

STRN: 23-00-8421-60-55

Our Company Mission & Client Vision

Meet Our Creative Team

Mirza Ghafoor Elahi

CEO // EMAIL aquatabspakistan@gmail.com

Saqib Ghafoor Mirza

Marketing Manager -saqibmirza6152@gmail.com

Majid Khan

Sales Manager

Our mission is to develop awareness to the mainstream population of Pakistan, the value of drinking  pollution free water. We aim to achieve this by making our products available to the public at an affordable price.

Our vision is to create a world with safe drinking water by working closely with mainstream related organisations and NGO’s throughout Pakistan. 

We as a company thrive on bringing our Islamic values, honesty, integrity, loyalty and humanity awareness to all our works.  

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