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Aquatab1.7g large pack

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Aquatabs 1.7g is used for treating your drinking water from a wide range of life threatning water bourne diseases like Negleria,typhoid, cholera, diarrhea .hepatitis, kidney infection,skin diseases and other water born pathogens.

Each tablet of 1.7g treats 500 Liters ( 132.09 gallons ) of water @ 2ppm available chlorine for clear water .

Suitable For: Large Water Tanks, Swimming pools & Well’s Water

Aquatabs Chlorine based water purification tablets kill bacteria / viruses and makes the water safe for drinking

1 review for Aquatab1.7g large pack

  1. Shakeel

    Water Purification Chlorine Tablet
    Best product for disinfection of house hold water tank and swimming pools in very responsible price

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